Worth more than US$218 trillion, the real estate industry functions on an impressively global scale, yet it also affects the lives of almost every individual on a very personal level. The AGADRO REALM Platform was designed to accommodate the demands of both the global and local aspects of the industry. This platform streamlines the real estate purchasing and rental process, along with all related services, for the financial benefit of property owners and renters. Property management has never been this simple and profitable!

The AGADRO REALM Platform is a complete Property Lifecycle Management and services tool which also manages Property Investments and Property Investment Funds.

The AGADRO GROUP will purchase and develop properties which are selected for their capacity to create the greatest return for the AGADRO Real Estate Investment Trust Fund (REIT).


Designed for professional real estate developers, investment firms and private investors, the platform creates an ecosystem for companies that provide products and services to the real estate sector. Participants in this ecosystem will benefit from peer-to-peer transactions which cut out all middle parties and provide transparency, security, and peace of mind.

The AGADRO GROUP aims to set the industry standard for property investment and management services through the tokenised funds system of the AGADRO REALM Platform.

The Company will use traditional currencies for investment opportunities, and then tokenise them into digital currency for investment in the AGADRO Real Estate Investment Trust Fund. This provides the token holder with all the advantages of decentralisation, transparency, and exchangeability.

The AGADRO GROUP will constantly continue to improve the platform and innovate tokenised payments, whilst expanding the usage and acceptance of its tokens beyond the real estate market.


Difference Between Tokens


Token type Service/Utility Asset/Investment
Where Bought and Sold by Market Only exchanged via ARST
Purpose Service Token used for AGADRO REALM PLATFORM services and its ecosystem Used as an investment token to allow token holders to participate in the REIT
Who Only available to those who register on the AGADRO REALM PLATFORM Can only be exchanged for ARST’s on the AGADRO Exchange
Technology ERC-20 Ethereum Standard ERC-20 Ethereum Standard
Value Final token sale price = USD$0.50 (Price will be determined by market after ITO) Based on REIT Fund
Amount in circulation 1 Billion, can grow or shrink based on demand Capped at 500 million
Volatility Volatile Steady growth is expected as the REIT grows
Tradable/Exchangeable Will be tradeable on selected exchanges with multiple currencies Can only be traded on internal exchange only trading pairs is ARST to ARIT, ARIT to ARST
Income generated through Payment of 1% service fee on the AGADRO REALM Platform Profits generated from property rental/sales income, hotel/ resort rental and other services
Income distribution 80% of net income distributed to token holders 90% of net income distributed to token holders

Problems Adressed by AGADRO REALM

  • Manual remittance is replaced by Automatic remittance
  • Escrow is no longer a necessity
  • Expensive Legal Fees can be greatly reduced
  • Expensive Realtor Fees can be avoided
  • Searching for International Property Listings now made easy
  • Crowdfunding has limited and variations whereas a Property REIT is fully regulated
  • Cost and time replacing lost documents is eliminated by digital storage of records
  • Cost and time of Currency Conversion is replaced by instantaneous transaction in common token
  • Extensive paperwork and document verification for Cross Border transactions is replaced by instant token trade


The AGADRO GROUP ecosystem is a global community made up of participants of the AGADRO REALM Platform, a sophisticated, secure, blockchain system that allows full property lifecycle management, peer-to-peer financial transactions and access to the AGADRO Real Estate Investment Trust Fund. The benefits include significantly lower costs, the elimination of unnecessary mediators, complete transparency, and liquidity. The Platform’s portfolio management system provides full records of all transactions.